With all the Super Bowl parties happening this weekend, it's likely that you're either planning yours or wondering what to bring to the one you're attending.

By now, you may have at least an idea of what foods you want to have at your Super Bowl party or bring to someone else's. You may have even seen that the most searched-for Super Bowl food are Bacon-Wrapped Smokies. Google also did some research on what exactly the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes are in each state. In North Dakota, the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipe is a 'pizza sauce recipe.'

It seems that North Dakotans are doing their best to throw together their own homemade pizza this Super Bowl Sunday. That's what came up as the most over-represented Google search for North Dakota and it was the only state to come up with that result, hence, why it's unique.

Some other states had some interesting results. Nebraska's most unique Super Bowl recipe is a Cream Cheese Jalapeno Hamburger Recipe, which sounds amazing. However, some states had some bizarre recipes they search for, like Alaska's Dill Pickle Dip with Dried Beef, which sounds kind of gross. You can view the full list for every state here.

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