What do you picture as North Dakota's strangest roadside attractions? A large buffalo? Salem Sue? But surely, not a turtle, right?

The 'Strangest Roadside Attraction' in North Dakota is in fact, Tommy the Turtle. This, according to 24/7 Wall St. This giant turtle that for some reason is riding a snowmobile year round, and is located in the town of Bottineau, ND in Tommy Turtle Park.

If you'd like to visit 'Tommy,' you have about a 3-hour drive due north ahead of you. Tommy is the world's largest turtle as he sits 30-feet tall. His snowmobile is also the largest of its kind at 34-feet long. He resides next to some tennis courts so although it has yet to be determined if Tommy's a tennis fan. Tommy the Turtle is also known to symbolize the 'Gateway to the Turtle Mountains.'

Here's a fun little video of the 'Strangest Roadside Attraction' in North Dakota.


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