It seems as though these types of accidents are happening more frequently or they are getting more attention. The fact that Bismarck and Mandan have tracks going through the area, this is a report that we should all be concerned about.

It happen last week in West Virginia, a train carrying North Dakota oil derailed and got national attention.

A new report says that oil train derailments could average 10 a year.

David McNew / Getty Images
David McNew / Getty Images

The cost of these types of accidents is estimated at $4 billion in damages and depending on the location of the derailment, it could result in hundreds of deaths.

According to the report “Rails are expected to move nearly 900,000 car loads of oil and ethanol in tankers. Each can hold 30,000 gallons of fuel.”

The boom in the oil industry has led to an increase in the amount of oil carried by trains, especially in Montana and here in North Dakota.

In light of the latest accidents, there is talk about safer cars and safer brakes on freight trains carrying this type of fuel.

How safe do you feel in Bismarck- Mandan with the amount of freight train traffic we have?



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