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I'm guessing every town in America has a Walmart, and it's almost like an unspoken tradition that everybody goes there on the weekends. We've all seen the store expand, and by that, I mean by carrying groceries. The obvious feeling by that is you can get everything you need all in one place, you don't have to make a separate trip to a grocery store to buy milk and bread, etc. The excitement builds as a typical family approaches the familiar blue and white Walmart. What if I were to tell you that the stores here in Bismarck and Mandan might soon be showing off a brand new look?

Walmart's New 'Trial Store'

Ok, the first thing I thought of when I glanced at this story is that maybe they were going to remodel their billboards and signs and such, not the case. According to mashed.com "It turns out the big box chain is rebranding a bit, and it's opened up a trial store in Springdale, Arkansas, which shows what all U.S. Walmart's will eventually look like" The comments so far from customers that have experienced their new look is that everything is so clean and with big-time brand name products. One excited person was just giddy "It's like a combination of Target, Old Navy, and IKEA all together lol I love it," mashed.com added. Walmart fans from all over the country are just itching for the changes to take place at their hometown stores, and soon we hope to see it here as well. Check out this TikTok video that has gone viral:

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