I saw this post a couple of days ago and my stomach won't let me forget it

How many times have you had something catch your eye ( or both eyes ) and it stays with you for quite a while? I had that happen to me just a couple of days ago, and my stomach has been growling since - I saw this post on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group Page on Wednesday morning :

"Some of the best fish & chips I have had!! They haven’t been back to North Dakota for a while, so now is your chance! We need to swarm them so they come back. 😄
*Card only, no cash*
Tractor Supply Co. parking lot beside Furniture Row up north. Your tastebuds will thank ya!"
So now I've been finding myself thinking fish and chips all day long. One small problem though, there is no telling when this mobile piece of heaven will roll back into Bismarck/Mandan.

"On The Hook Fish And Chips" is what I am talking ( feasting ) about

"On The Hook Is On The Road", that's what it say's on their website. Check this out yourself and read all about this tasty company that travels from city to city spreading their delicious food. So the post I shared earlier talked all about when they came to town to delight so many hungry fish lovers ( many of who actually were waiting on-site for the truck to arrive ). "Please come back to Bismarck...ASAP" one person responded, several others remarked that it was the best fish and chips they ever had, anywhere. The beauty of this business is that you can actually go on the site and see their schedule, so maybe one day soon they will come back here, or close to us. For me, I would easily drive 100 miles one way just to have the best. What's the furthest you would travel?

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