If you happen to be in downtown Bismarck Wednesday and happen to see police in military gear brandishing military assault gear, don't panic. It's an exercise.

As reported in a 'Public Safety Notification' from their website, Bismarck Police, in conjunction with the West Dakota SWAT Team, will conduct a "training exercise' Wednesday from nine to five in the 300 Block of West Burleigh Avenue.

The police advise that residents and folks in the area may observe or hear "law enforcement officers conducting simulated law enforcement activities" during the day.

That may include police in para-military gear with assault weapons, as well as armored vehicles.


Most significantly, the police say the role-playing may involve the simulated 'discharging' of weapons - in other words, firing of guns. But don't worry - they're shooting blanks.

In addition to uniformed officers, 'role playing' individuals may be observed in the area.

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