This rate increase snuck up on me, what about you?

The United States Postal Service announced the price increase back in October 2017 that the pricing change would take effect on January 21 and that means today, it'll cost you a penny more to mail a First Class envelope, from .49 to .50 cents. Your forever stamps are still valid and always seems to be the best buy.

Postcards go up from 34 to 35 cents and metered letters climb from 46 to 47 cents.

There are other increases associated with this including Small Flat Rate Box

  • Old price: $7.15
  • New price: $7.20

And all sizes of the postal boxes have also increased.

USPS has upped their game in recent years. There was a time, when you thought UPS or FedEx was the best bargain to ship over-night and parcel packages. That is no longer the case as USPS has become a big and reliable shipper for many businesses and people.

Again, your best bet is always the Forever Stamp.

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