The recent release of the Mueller Report has made it's mark, leaving President Trump with a new-low approval rating, and rendering the GOP more divided than ever.Yahoo! News says a Reuters survey taken after the report's "redacted" release shows the president with a 37% approval rating -  his lowest rating yet, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, a poll jointly conducted by Politico and Morning Consult found 39% of voters approved of Trump’s job performance. That marks a 5-point drop from the previous week.

Despite the low approval, most voters stand opposed to impeachment.

In the meantime the president's party is showing further fissures. Iowa state Rep. Andy McKean announced this week he is leaving the GOP and becoming a Democrat due to his misgivings over the administration.

A few Republicans have taken their opposition a step further: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld have announced intentions to challenge Mr. Trump for the nomination.

Of particular interest is the libertarian-leaning William Weld. As the New York Times notes he's a long shot at best, but has garnered support, particularly from fiscal conservatives dissatisfied with the policies of the incumbent.

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