Senator Bernie Sanders, the professor from Vermont has emerged on top of the heap following the Nevada Caucus.

Joe Biden, by the way, came in a distant second.

At the same time, some of the other Democratic contenders are dealing with some serious budgetary issues. As the primary season heats up, expect some more "culling of the herd."

But Senator Sanders's commanding lead raises a number of troubling questions (especially troubling for his chosen party). Among them: can a self-described "democratic socialist," who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, proudly supported the brutal Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and who once spoke admiringly of the Cuban government win against the incumbent?

As notes, nominating Mr. Sanders would force the Democrats to "own his entire radical agenda and history."

The senator stands to be the most divisive candidate since, well, since Donald Trump (then again, Donald Trump won, didn't he)...

On the other hand, there are those (mainly on the left) who downplay Bernie's alleged "radicalism"; his voting record in Congress is not necessarily among the most left-leaning.

Then there are the issues of his faith (atheist of Jewish heritage) and age (78). As commentator Holland Cooke has noted, American is probably ready for a socialist president, a Jewish president, or another very old president.

But is America ready for a president who is all three?

Stay tuned...


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