So now you have seen the title of this article...

...I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you probably said "Heck yes" to my simple question. Here is the deal, my whole life I have never witnessed so many businesses here in Bismarck and Mandan that are having trouble staying open, due to a lack of employees. Maybe now is the time to shoot high, and aim for some high-paying jobs that are right here in town. Look I am a realist, I understand what I am qualified to do and certainly what I am not fit for. I believe if you LOVE your job then everything else will follow suit, however the desire to make more money is completely understandable and it is out there for you to go for it - why not? According to they put together a list of the highest-paying business jobs in Bismarck, North Dakota. I'll go ahead and give you the top ten right now, and who knows one day down the road you'll thank me, OR Stacker.

TOP 10 Highest-Paying Business Jobs In Bismarck


#10. Cost estimators

– Annual mean salary: $66,460  - Not too shabby, MY estimate is you might like it.


#9. Financial and investment analysts

– Annual mean salary: $67,140


#8. Accountants and auditors

– Annual mean salary: $71,640 ( some auditors ( IRS ) have been known to scare the heck out of people )


#7. Credit analysts

– Annual mean salary: $71,820


#6. Management analysts

– Annual mean salary: $73,280  ( Heck I'll PAY someone, anyone to manage my two cat boxes )


#5. Financial examiners

– Annual mean salary: $73,530


#4. Loan officers

– Annual mean salary: $84,520


#3. Personal financial advisors

– Annual mean salary: $86,510  ( Telling someone "I Advise YOU to give me $20 bucks is not recommended )


#2. Project management specialists

– Annual mean salary: $86,530



Disc Jockey

-Annual mean salary- $2,000,000




#1. Labor relations specialists

– Annual mean salary: $91,180

So there you go, good luck!


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