Robert Mueller seemed to spend much of his time on the Hill this week confirming what he has already said.

Here are a few early takeaways, as offered by the Washington Post:

The Republicans are clearly out for blood. No big surprise here. Republican politicos did what they could to trip him up and to an extent they succeeded. One example:

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.) pressed Mr. Mueller on why he said he couldn’t "exonerate" President Donald Trump. Mr. Mueller responded that this was an "unusual situation," but he didn’t elaborate.

No Barr conspiracy. Mr. Mueller denied that Attorney General William Barr made serious efforts to shut down the investigation.

He directly contradicted the president on the "FBI job." President Trump had argued that Mr. Mueller suffered from a conflict of interest because he had interviewed at the White House for the position of FBI director.

Mr. Mueller argued that he had indeed been to the White House to talk about the FBI position, but not as a "candidate" for the job.

[Spurce: Washington Post]

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