Apparently, they're good with numbers, they never need to take a day off or call in sick. Two robots are being used at Sanford Hospital in Bismarck to dispense drugs in the pharmacy.

The two robots can fill much quicker than two people can fill prescriptions. According to hospital officials, they can fill hundreds of pill bottle every hour. They fill medicine bottles for patients in the hospital as well as out patient needs.

"Arty" is large in stature, has two arms and is about 12 feet long. The only thing the human pharmacist needs to do is twist the cap on the pill bottle.

Fifty percent of all prescriptions are filled by Arty and has been in use for over six years.

CG / Stringer/ Getty Images

Humans need not worry though, the time saved by the use of the two robots allow the pharmacist to spend more time with patents and answering questions about their prescriptions.