My wife wrote this on her Facebook page... Was down at Urban Harvest to watch a True North Theatre actor perform as Mark Twain in a one act play. On either side of me were mothers with their children having very loud conversations so I had trouble hearing the performance. People walking in front, behind, around the actor as he performed...HOW RUDE, HOW INCREDIBLY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!!!
Is this how people train their children now? I doubt they would appreciate me having a loud conversation during their child's play or performance. When did parents get so myopic?

If you don't want to watch and listen to the performance then don't sit in front and talk, have the decency to go to the back so others will not be disturbed!!!

So to the mothers who believed their discussion of mundane daily events and concerns were more important than an actor who memorized dialog, practiced his recitation, honing his performance to entertain Urban Harvest attendees on his own time and dime, I really hope you teach your children more respect than you showed tonight.

When my posted her message (rant?) a number of folks agreed with her. What do you do when you people acting this way in public: speak out or hold your peace?

[Source: Facebook]

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