Authorities have identified the body of a man found in a Fargo parking lot over the weekend.

The Monday Fargo Forum reports the police have identified the body as that of Roger Fjeldahl, 68, of Fargo.

Mr. Fjeldahl's body was found Saturday morning inside a vehicle in the Hornbacher's parking lot. His is the second body found in a parking lot in the Fargo parking lot in the last two weeks.

The body of Barbara Anne Barry, 65, was found in her car January 30th in the parking lot at a Fargo Cash Wise.

Investigators say they don't believe either the weather or foul play were factors in the man's death.

Police do advise area commuters to take appropriate caution in the event getting stranded in the cold weather. A winter emergency car kit should include a flashlight, road flares, water, an ice scraper, snow shovel and a blanket.

[Source: Fargo Forum]

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