Here's a fun way to take advantage of all this snow.

Next Saturday the 16th Fun Sled Dog rides are coming to Bismarck! For some reason, I've always thought sled dogging was in the arctic circle or places like Alaska but apparently not.

There is no weight limit and these tough dogs pull you for at least 2 miles. The sleds can hold at least 6 people ( which is a lot ) and they get pulled with no sweat.

These dogs have to eat a super organic diest maybe with amino acids to get that type of power going.

I've always had a weird dream though of picking up a girl I was dating in a sled pulled by sleddogs just to see the crazed reaction she would have on her face throughout the whole experience.  Then again that sort of spontaneity would probably allow me to get lucky later.

Ok ... enough about me and my weird dreams, here's some pertinent info on the Fun Company coming to Bismarck next week  dogs and all:

FUN sled dog rides will be coming to Bismark sat march 16th from 10-3.30 and sunday 17th from 10-3.No experience needed and no weight limit. Can haul 4-6 at once time and rides will be aprx 2 miles.Rides will be at 4403 Lincoln Rd.
Rides will happen aprx every 15 minutes and reservations are recommended and will take presedence over drive ups which are also allowed. To reserve a fun ride call 218 573 3993 or send PM on here asap as times are all ready being booked.
$40 per adult and $30 per kid 14 and under--cash or check--no plastic accepted.

It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience for at least some people. 

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