I recently had the pleasure of introducing a show at Sleepy Hollow Theatre & Arts Park.  This was my first time spending some time at this hidden gem in Bismarck.  First off, the backdrop is absolutely stunning.  You'll be greeted with a warm smile as you enter the park and their very friendly staff!  The delicious smells of caramel popcorn fill the air and really set the mood for a wonderful experience.

It's also special this year because Sleepy Hallow Theatre and Arts Park is celebrating their 30th year.  A very impressive milestone, with many years of hard work and determination, no doubt.

It features a new theatre venue with light towers, 100 foot stage, a moved gazebo and a wedding site.  The stars of the show are the very talented students from all over the area who enrich and inspire the many fans who attend these events.

I had the pleasure of introducing the Disney Play "Newsies", the broadway musical.  The play takes place in the summer of 1889, where a true strike was organized by young students from 7-17.  Its a great show that reminds us all of the power of young voices uniting for the greater good.

The next big showing at Sleepy Hallow is Mama Mia.  Its a classic musical featuring the music of ABBA.  The Swedish pop group formed all the way back in 1972.  This show will be running July 23rd to August 2nd.  Be sure to check this show out and be bring the whole family!  You won't be disappointed.  


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