A North Dakota state lawmaker survived a weekend run-in...with a moose.

The Bismarck Tribune reports Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) was driving home Friday afternoon when he struck and killed the moose, south of Rocklake, en route to Rolla.

Despite a concussion and a face full of glass, Mr. Nelson suffered no life-threatening injuries. His granddaughters, riding in the back, were safe in their seats.

Wild animals in the roadway is not all that unusual in this region, as anyone who have made the drive from Mandan to the casinos can attest.

It apparently started when the Nelson passed a moose in a ditch, diverting the representative's attention. Moments later, he saw a second moose ahead of him in the road.

Mr. Nelson says his eyes were full of glass and he may have briefly lost consciousness.

“I didn’t expect to live,” said Mr. Nelson. “I’m in better shape than we were anticipating.”

Mr. Nelson was back on the job at the Capitol Monday, cracking jokes about passing bills about moose-hunting.

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