You can't wrestle a bear in Alabama and flirting in Little Rock could mean 30 days in jail, are a few examples of weird and strange, but real laws still on the books from every state.

Thanks to, we have this crazy list of crazy laws still on the books, no matter how silly they may be. It's obvious some of these laws were put on the books for some reason many years ago, and have never been removed. So here we have the complete list of strange laws from every state.

For example, it's a $500 fine, if you do the pizza prank call in Louisiana (having a pizza delivery service deliver pizza pies to an address that didn't order it) and in Iowa, refrain from kissing strangers because they won't have that.

You can see every strange law from every state here.

In NoDak, you can serve beer and pretzels together. I swear, I've seen beer and pretzels served together. I know I have!

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