New driving laws will go in effect on August 1st in an attempt to make the roads of North Dakota safer.

Everyone knows the dangers of texting and driving, despite the fact that many still do it. But the concept behind distracted driving is what law enforcement will be cracking down on with one of the new laws taking effect on August 1st.

If caught while texting and driving, that's already been a fine of $100. With the new law, should you be caught for a traffic violation, you could also receive further penalties for something as simple as checking a GPS, changing a song on your phone, or putting on makeup while in the act. That fine could also be as much as $100.

The other law taking effect at the start of August is if children under the age of eight are not in a booster seat. If the child is under eight years old and not taller than 4'9", a car seat or booster seat is required. The previous law pertained to children under sever years old.

Please be safe on the roads, North Dakota!

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