A new survey ranks North Dakota as the most dangerous state to work In.

KX News reports the Business.org website made the conclusion based on stats from, among others, OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. North Dakota came out on top with an average of 6.6 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers.

To be sure, there are some qualifications to this figure. We need to remember first of all that two of the state's leading industries - oil and farming - are by their nature, pretty dangerous.

The population of our state also comes into play. As KXMB notes, "other states, like Louisiana, had more fatalities than North Dakota in 2017 (117), but they also have a larger population, so the percentage of deaths per 100,000 is smaller."

States with similar industries, such as Alaska, Montana and Wyoming also rank high on the dangerous-jobs list. In addition, South Dakota comes in at number four overall.

New Hampshire ranks as overall safest.

[Sources: KXMB-TV, Business.org]

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