Generation X is the demographic from 34-54 years old and they are moving to North Dakota than any other state in the country according to US World and News Report.

According to the study, North Dakota has so much to offer this group, and most importantly, North Dakota has JOBS! Not to mention how the state ranks in other very important category in the study.

A majority of the state (90%) of our land is still devoted to farming and one-fifth of the population still works in the agriculture community, it's what lies beneath the land that has people flocking on North Dakota. It's oil and natural gas and with these resources comes plenty of jobs in the industry. Even with the down-tick in oil rig action in recent months, the state is still at less than 2% unemployment. With that said, the oil industry is coming up with new techniques on drilling which allows drillers to go as far as two miles down and drill horizontally.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images
Andrew Burton / Getty Images

All of this, make North Dakota  attractive and leading the way for Gen X'ers to populate the state. Other states in the top for this age group are-

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Colorado

The states where Gen X'ers are leaving the most are-

  • Illinois
  • District of Columbia
  • New York
  • Mississippi

We knew we always had it good in the Peace Garden State.



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