Last night, UND men's basketball fell to the Hawkeyes 84-73. But some unsportsmanlike activity is what's dominating headlines this morning.

Iowa Hawkeyes coach Fran McCaffrey pulled his players off the court as the buzzer sounded and made sure his players did not shake the hands of the North Dakota players as is customary at the end of the game.

North Dakota, down by 11 points, rather than accepting defeat, with three seconds left a player (Corey Baldwin) decides to grab a ball out of the hands of an Iowa player (Nicholas Baer) running out the clock and then trying to hit a basket at the buzzer.

Some other events preceded this incident though in the final minute. With 37 seconds left, a technical foul was called on an Iowa player after getting into a small tiff with a North Dakota player. On the next possession there was a hard foul committed by a North Dakota player (Quinton Hooker) on an Iowa player (Peter Jok).

Following those two incidents came the issue with three seconds left on the clock.

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffrey addressed the media after the game regarding the events that transpired and you can see his comments in the video above.

The Iowa head coach probably had a right to be upset to an extent though the jury is still out whether or not it was appropriate to skip out on the hand shaking.

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