We’re on full press with prom season so I thought it would be a good idea to do a story on the cost of prom.

Mario Tama / Getty Images
Mario Tama / Getty Images

We’re talking everything from the dress (or tux) to dinner to the admission to the dance, and you can’t forget about the flowers.

I did some research and asked you on Facebook, how much prom season is costing, or how much did prom season cost you when you were in school.

How things have changed. First, I spoke to a local dress retailer that wished to remain anonymous, and she informed me that many girls are renting their prom dress this year which was not an option back when I was in school. Guys still rent their tuxedo.

A new prom dress can cost anywhere from $200 up to $800 or more. I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of money and I would hope you’d get more wear out of that $800 dress, than just for prom. A rental dress can cost between $100- $300 depending on style.

Then you figure in the cost of dinner, tips, limos and such, you’re pushing close to $1000.

According to Guardian.com, they estimate the cost of prom can be close to $1000, with mom and dad covering close to 75% of the cost!

Here’s the breakdown of one teen-

Dress/ Tux: $250

Tickets: $90

Hair and makeup: $65

Spray tan: $25

Bag and jewelry: $100

Shoes: $75 or more

And then, don’t forget, the ladies have to get their nails done also.

From our Facebook page, we received these responses on the cost of prom-

Ashlee Schaeffer -

I went to prom 2004 and I think I spent $150. Mom said if I wanted to go I had to go half with her. So it was like $75 for me and $75 for my mom. I had to work part time after school to save money. She was teaching me the value of a dollar apparently and I thank her every day for that and not just give me whatever I wanted. Made me more appreciative for the things I have. It's prom not a wedding. People go a little nuts with how much they spend.

Melissa Marie Berger

I think I spent $200 in 2009 and that was outrageous... prom is so overrated.

Autumn Morrell

I spent about $150-$200 in 2006

Stephanie LeDoux-

2017 Total of $1100.00 for 2 daughters total includes 2- prom dress 1- dress alterations

2-set of fake nails

2-eye brow wax

2- Compete sets of jewelry and hair jewelry

1-fancy hair do

1- Hair color

1-new pair of shoes

2-tan stuff

2- Pictures


Bethany Clarke / Getty Images
Bethany Clarke / Getty Images

No matter how you cut it or dice it up, promo is pretty expensive! How much are you spening this year?

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