As Halloween approaches, what better time to check out a creepy horror film to get in the seasonal state of mind. Even North Dakota has been the setting for at least one horrific tale.

The publication 'Insider' decided to make a list of the 'Creepiest Horror Movies Set in Every State'. In case you've forgotten, once upon a time in 1993, the horror film 'Leprechaun' was set in the Peace Garden State.

The film is best known for being the first movie role for Jennifer Anniston. Yes, before she was Rachel Green, she was cast as Tory running around on a North Dakota farm, attempting to escape an almost comical leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis. You can tell from the clip below that special effects and costume making have both certainly come a long way in the film industry.

It's kind of surprising that North Dakota hasn't been used as a backdrop for more films of the horror genre with its open fields and lesser populated regions. Despite the fact that there haven't been many horror films to take place in North Dakota, there have been some. My pick for the creepiest horror movie set in North Dakota would be 'The Messengers' starring Kristen Stewart and Dylan McDermot. Even the trailer looks creepier than any clip from 'Leprechaun'.

Then again, if little creatures in campy green suits creep you out, maybe 'Leprechaun's the perfect movie to get you in the Halloween mood.

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