Ahhhhh the sounds of spring, nothing like a crisp 'Ping' to get you in the mood for golf

The time of year when we can actually see grass, and beautiful dirt ( when was the last time it was called that?). The sun is out, the wind fairly calm, birds flying into the trees again, and golf balls soaring. Thank you to Mandan for putting smiles on the faces of golfers once again.

The driving range is open!!

Time to get your clubs out of the garage, dust off the cobwebs, get out there and brush off your own cobwebs and rusty swing. The sounds of 'Ping" are alive and well at the Prairie West Golf course in Mandan. According to kfyrtv.com      "Prairie West Golf Course opened its driving range today ( March 18th), and golfers gathered for the first time this year to hit off the ground instead of turf mats. Prairie West can offer that because they move the hitting area up about 30 yards during the spring" This is perfect, especially for all those golfers putting in their living room all winter long. Now the family can watch Netflix in peace.

Does this mean that you can now go out and play 18 holes of golf?

Unfortunately not yet, however, there is light at the end of the gloomy cold weather tunnel. "Last year, the course opened only a few weeks after the driving range opened" kfyrtv.com added. Until now the wonderful sounds of 'Ping' as the golfers connect with the driving range balls, and of course, the occasional cursing when the beginner swings and misses. Golf is here!


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