As many people use the summer time to do some traveling, they also like to fill up their Instagrams with the locations they've visited.

Teen Vogue decided to see where the most Instagrammed locations are throughout the country, starting with the Midwest. For each state, they narrowed it down to the top five locations in each state that were the most Instagrammed or "Geotagged."

The results in North Dakota's top five are all within two of our states biggest cities, and its biggest college towns, Fargo and Grand Forks. Given the nature of what those Geotagged locations are, it's not exactly unfathomable that the results showed up as such, especially since Instagram is most popular for young millennials. Let's take a look at the top five most Instagrammed locations, as well as some examples of such.

1) Fargo, North Dakota

2) University of North Dakota

3) North Dakota State University

4) Ralph Engelstad Arena

5) Grand Forks, North Dakota

And there you have it, the most Instagrammed locations in North Dakota. If you're wondering why Bismarck-Mandan has nothing on this short list, then you better get on Instagram and start making it happen. Post away, BisMan.

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