Those of you that have either played on a team or just as a spectator in the past, know exactly what I mean by "The Greatest Softball Tournament In The Country"

When I lived in Minot around 4 years ago, I was getting my oil changed, I heard all about this tournament from a young lady that had a team that competed in this every year - The 48th Annual Sam McQuade Sr./Budweiser Charity Softball Tournament - I never could have imagined just how huge this event is until I moved here.

It's an honor to be a part of this tournament in any way you can

Whether you find yourself out in centerfield with a glove on, OR you are sipping on a cold one in the stands OR you simply want to just make a donation, YOU can help make a difference. According to the McQuades Softball Tournament Facebook page, you will be a part of an ongoing tradition:

"The USA's Largest non-profit, single weekend slowpitch softball tournament was founded in 1976 by Sam McQuade Sr. of McQuade Distributing Co., Inc., the local distributor of Budweiser beer. Being a father of a special needs son - Sean, Sam was keenly aware of the financial challenges of local charities and organizations that were involved in helping such less fortunate people. In 1976, the first year of the tournament, Sam and countless volunteers raised over $1,000 and brought 103 teams in 4 divisions to Bismarck-Mandan, ND. The event grew to over 464 teams in 15 divisions and raised over $146,000 in total donations in the year 2019! Today, the tournament is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, including the 3rd generation of McQuades, Shannon McQuade-Ely"

Summer OFFICIALLY kicked off this morning, and this Friday and Saturday the OFFICIAL SOUNDS of summer with the crack of the bat will fill the air here in BisMan!

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