It seems like an impossible statistic to come across but believe it or not, someone has taken the time to figure out just what counties in North Dakota are the furthest to the right and left on the political spectrum.

24/7 Wall St. has done the research and the results are in. It's been determined that Rolette County is the most Democratic, while Dunn County is the most Republican. The results were simple to determine as they just took a look at, "Who voted for who," both nationally and locally.

In 2012, almost 73.66 percent of Rolette County voted for Obama (one of only six counties that Obama won in the state), and their local officials followed Democratic suit as well. This done with 4,522 total votes counted. In Dunn County, the result was for Mitt Romney getting 74.04 percent, with Republicans sweeping the local officials. The total number of voters in Dunn County was 2,034.

Is this information enough to determine this particular statistic? Probably not. But it's a measure, a small one at that, to potentially gauge where certain parts of the state are when it comes to the political spectrum.

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