Unfortunately we learned about the passing of Hugh Hefner on Sept 27. He was 91.

The founder of Playboy doesn't have a large history associated with North Dakota and the Peace Garden State has only produced one ever Playmate in Carmen Berg. (She was a graduate of Century High School in Bismarck just like Carson Wentz and Cara Mund).

One thing North Dakota is more known for than playmates is the discovery of dinosaurs, a species that is even harder to obtain than a Playmate.

In the winter of 2007, one of the biggest dinosaur discoveries in the state was made according to the Smithsonian Magazine, when a hadrosaur was discovered. Apparently the discovery of the hadrosaur was more than just a fossil, as it contained two inches of skin from the dinosaur, rather than just the top layer of skin which is more commonly found.

At the time, the NY Times 'Laugh Lines Blog' quoted one of the scientists about the discovery:

“When you run your hands over this dinosaur’s skin, this is the closest you are going to get to touching a real dinosaur, ever.”

Satirically, the NY Times then added to the scientist's quote:

Then he added, “Unless you’re dating Hugh Hefner.”

That's quite a burn from the NY Times. And at the time of the article, Hefner was just 81. I wonder what the NY Times would consider Hefner at the age of 91.

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