As a father of a son who has been playing youth sports now in North Dakota for 12 plus years now, I've seen it all.  I've seen it as a coach, a spectator, and even as a referee.

Parents behaving like juveniles, hurling insults at officials, opposing teams' fans, and even at students.  Even altercations in the stands are becoming more and more frequent.

So, what sport has more culprits?  I think at one time, most people would agree that hockey parents lead the way for unruly fans.  As a hockey dad, I can sure say I've seen my fair share of horrific behavior over the years.  I've witnessed fans being tossed from games for foul language toward officials, physical altercations in the stands, and other less than acceptable actions.

However, this aggressive behavior is no longer solely seen at hockey games.  Football, baseball, basketball, and even soccer parents are getting into the action these days too.  The thought is that parents are shelling out so much money these days for sports with specialized traveling teams, they feel they have an entitled reason to behave this way.  Kind of sad.

It was just a few weeks ago when a brawl between an unruly hockey dad in Minnesota and an entire White Bear Lake student section took place.  Meanwhile, the father's son who was the goalie had to watch in horror on the ice as his dad brawled.  You can watch that incident here.

A Minnesota lawmaker has said enough is enough.  A bill has been introduced that would fine uncouth behavior by fans punishable by the Minnesota Amature Sports Commission.  Up to $1,000 dollars.  You can read all about that here from KARE 11, and it passed its first hurdle in the legislature.

Is it time for North Dakota to do something similar?  I would say yes.


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