Have people in Bismarck Mandan gone MAD?  Yesterday, without a single case of the coronavirus in the state of North Dakota, people in Bismarck Mandan raided local stores stocking up on toilet paper, cleaning supplies, disinfectants and other items.  Social Media fuled the craziness.


Where they couldn't buy toilet paper, people have taken matter into their own hands and stolen from businesses.


Again, this is all being done without a single case of the coronavirus being documented in the state.  Only four people in North Dakota have been quarantined.

I spoke with a Bismarck nurse the other night and she told me the coronavirus is basically a cold.  Meanwhile, a nurse practitioner in Bismarck tragically died the other day from influenza.  Yet, nobody is talking about that.

This really makes you wonder how we will handle things in Bismarck and the state for that matter, when cases do begin to show up.  Will we keep our composure and handle things rationally?

Well, at least some of you will have a shinny hiney.

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