One Minnesota Vikings fan took things to the extreme and put the new U.S. Bank Stadium on Craigslist.

After their 34-6 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, December 18th, a Vikings fan decided he'd had enough and claimed that the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium was for sale. The ad reads:

We just had this stadium built for over a Billion dollars, but really aren't using it. It was originally designed for an NFL team that decided they didn't want to play football any more. Would be great for a New Super-Target, or a Really nice Vegas-style casino. Maybe even a Golden-Corral buffet! If you have a spare Billion dollars lying around, or are willing to mow someone's lawn for a couple of weeks in the spring to work it off, we should talk!
*Serious inquiries only*
(would also make a great crater if you decide to blow it up).

That would be one giant Golden Corral Buffet. Of course, the stadium is not for sale, but it made for some good comic relief for Vikings fans after that tough loss.

Here's to better luck against the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Eve. Luckily they won't need the stadium as the game will be at Lambeau Field.