Here's a video about life and death in the oil patch that you probably won't see or hear about  from our local happy-talk media.

Earlier this month, the TV news show "Fault Lines" ran an episode titled "Death on the Bakken Shale," telling the stories of workers killed or injured in the oil fields. One young veteran from Alabama who came to North Dakota in search of work was killed last October by a tanker explosion.

An attorney for the worker's family described the tragedy as "avoidable."

Over a two-month period a reporter tried, unsuccessfully, to line up and interview with Nabors, the company involved.

The article suggests that given the "breakneck" pace of the work, many workers are not adequately prepared to deal with the safety risks.

A Bismarck attorney also describes the plight of injured workers in attempting to collect on compensation for work-related injuries. One worker in particular, who lost a hand, describes the frustration in dealing with Workforce Safety and Insurance; WSI decided not to pay for a prosthesis for the man.

Governor Dalrymple is seen on film stonewalling on the issue.

Frankly, the whole issue stinks. Watch the video and decide for yourself.



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