Two North Dakota mothers are organizing a candlelight vigil for the victims of the recent fatal shooting by a drug cabal earlier this week in northern Mexico.

West Dakota Fox says Two Williston residents are coordinating the service for this Friday at Harmon Park in Williston.

"It's not my family and I mean most people just shrug it off, and just say not my problem, not my life. The thing is is life doesn't know what we're living, and now these families are going through this trauma," said co-organizer Makendle Dierman.

Ms.Dierman and Joanni Luna, both of the Williston area, met via Facebook and after a brief chat decided to organize the vigil.

The GoFundMe page is still up. So far (as of late Wednesday) it’s collected over a hundred thousand dollars.

For more information go to the Vigil Memorial 13 Candle Lighting page on Facebook.

[Source: West Dakota Fox TV]

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