The Vikings had the right gameplan and the Cowboys did what they did best ... Choke. 

To the Cowboys credit, it's a little difficult to throw in the RedZone against a fearsome front seven like the Vikings, then again you're about to pay your QB 30 million to make those throws.

The Vikings defense played bend but don't break all game long against the potential explosive Cowboys and let the Cowboys Jason Garret it up when it mattered.

It was a clean game, Kirk Cousins didn't lose it and Dalvin Cook got his close to 100 yards.

The one thing I could see pretty evident in this game is the difference in the coaching staff. One played textbook football and stuck with their game plan ( The Vikings ) and the other played like they were afraid to win ( Cowboys). It must really stink having the owner texting you plays to run from his luxury suite ( Jerry Jones).

Bottom Line, Vikings win!

Rob Meltzer our Townsquare Media Sports Director was at the game and spoke with the players. Here's what they had to say :

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