, a website that has existed since 1997, has ranked the University of North Dakota's new 'Fighting Hawks' logos as one of the best new logos of 2016.

Each year, the website has its 'Creamer Awards,' named for the site's founder Chris Creamer, and they rank the best new sports logos from the previous 12 months.

Of course the University of North Dakota was one of many teams that got a new logo in the last 12 months, unveiling their 'Fighting Hawks' logo this past summer.

Depending on who you talk to though, many of the UND faithful still refuse to even call the team by its new name let alone appreciate the new logo.

UND dropped their old moniker, 'The Fighting Sioux,' as some felt the name was disrespectful to Native Americans.

Though some people liked the new logo, there was much opposition to it and there was even a petition shortly after the unveiling to change it. The petition garnered nearly 6,000 signatures.

Despite the controversy surrounding the new logo, ranked the new logo No. 37 on their list of the top 50 new logos. The new Toronto Maple Leafs logo came in at No. 1.

According to, there were over 250 logos eligible for the awards so cracking the top 50 is pretty good.