Not to sound like some old man, but most of you probably never have experienced the original Pong

Let's just say you actually are some kind of time traveler, and you set your machine to 1972, you would be amazed at the simplicity of Pong. This was considered high tech back then, and people were thirsting for home entertainment. Well as you can imagine the world of video games is so complex now, it's literally like you are in a movie, so realistic. What once started out as a business for good old-fashioned family fun, has propelled into an enormous money-making machine.

When video games exploded through the internet, people of all ages hardly went outside anymore

In the early 2000s, the gaming world allowed everyone the ability to play online. The advanced graphics, new genius ways to involve people playing against each other from the comfort of their living room. I'm quite sure if you were like me, hooked on the latest technology and becoming addicted to the relaxation and fascination that video games bring, you had your favorites. Whether it was anything to do with sports or the unbelievable open-world games, hours went by like seconds when you had a controller in your hand.

What do you think North Dakota's favorite early 2000s is?

Here is a list of The Most Popular Early 2000s Game In Every State. According to "they used Google Trends data, along with along with a survey of 2,000+ participants..."

Here’s what they found:

  • The most popular 2000s online game in North Dakota is Call of Duty.
  • The most popular early 2000s games overall were Grand Theft Auto and Sims (8 states each).
  • 1 in 3 millennials has had a crush on a videogame character!

So now that I have that info for you, get back to gaming!

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