Imagine minding your own business, pulling into a gas station ( about ready to fill up your tank and drain your bank account ) and someone attacks you

That's exactly what happened recently at a gas station here in Mandan. It's hard to think of how shocked you would be if some person just seemingly picked you out for some strange reason, and jumped on you. There were of course security cameras that caught the whole incident, and now a suspect faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

So if the insanity of the soaring gas prices is enough to strangle you, we don't need something else to choke us

It's almost impossible to figure out why someone would do this. According to "Prosecutors say 31-year-old Patrick Stanley approached a bystander at a gas station, jumped on his back, and choked him. The victim briefly lost consciousness and showed signs of petechial hemorrhaging, according to court documents. The victim told police that they had never seen or met Stanley before" This was witnessed by several stunned people as well, in the parking lot.

Was this an act of road rage?

That was the first question my boss asked me when I ran this story by him, and that would make sense wouldn't it? Here is the mysterious and creepy part, all it took was a so-called "smirk" from the victim, Stanley told police. To me, this appears like someone who has a severe mental issue, and that is something that we should all take seriously. This can be like a ticking time bomb, someone who is unhealthy can just snap out of nowhere. "Stanley is in custody on a $75,000 bond" added.


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