Today (Oct. 3), marks the 21 year anniversary of O. J. Simpson's not guilty verdict in 1995.

The trial took the nation by storm. An estimated 107.7 million people watched the verdict which was aired nationally on nine TV stations.

Following Simpson's acquittal, the former football standout began dating a 19 year old waitress he met named Christy Prody. Prody has lived in Moorhead, Minnesota and was arrested in Fargo in 2013 for stealing a purse.

Previously, in 2008, Simpson had been spotted in Fargo to visit the family of his former girlfriend.

Not long after Simpson's visit to Fargo, he was found guilty for kidnapping and robbery. He remains in prison but is eligible for parole next year.

Interest in the O. J. Simpson trial was renewed this year when FX aired the miniseries, 'The People vs O. J. Simpson.'

Earlier this year, Prody told RadarOnline that Simpson had admitted multiple times while using cocaine that he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Prody also stated that if Simpson is let free, he may try to kill her too.

"My worst fear is that I will end up like Nicole," Prody told RadarOnline. "Killed by O.J. because he can’t let go!”

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