We all love animals stories. And if you're like me, you especially like stories where it's people vs. animals and the animals win.

A video is making rounds showing a man of questionable discretion, involved in an altercation of sorts with a bison at Yellowstone Park.

To being with, the bison is attempting to cross the road, as they often do, bringing traffic to a momentary standstill.

Enter the man, who gets the animal's attention by puffing up his chest in classic macho posturing.

That didn't sit well with the bison, which appeared to make a move on the man. The man, understandable backed off and it SHOULD have ended there.

But no...the man taunted the bison again. Once again the bison made his move. Once again, the man backed off. The end - more or less.

The National Park Service says bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal.

On the Yellowstone National Park Facebok page they had this to say about the video: "We've seen it, and rangers are actively investigating the incident. "

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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