The holidays are a beautiful thing, but they can also amplify loneliness

The best part of this time of the season for most people is to be with your family. Waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents, having a huge dinner, and just enjoying each other. Unfortunately, though it can also be an extremely lonely time for others. This is when depression can set in and make everything seem unbearable. The dangers come into play, even more, some people turn to what makes them cope, alcohol. Drinking can bring relief, if just for a few hours, but it can also propel you into a deeper hell. I know these things quite well. I am an alcoholic.

The last thing you want to do is get outside and be with others

When you are going through all the bad times, the only thing you want to do is barricade and feel sorry for yourself. Whether you have an addiction or not withdrawing from others seems to be the only route you can take, but it's not.

Look around and see what Bismarck/Mandan has to offer

People can help each other simply by being themselves. When you leave your house and take a chance to be outside, to walk around and breathe in the cool air, and be a part of places like Bismarck Trails. Kids sliding down the modest hill, a couple out on the ice skating. Friendly North Dakotans enjoying the outdoors. All it takes is a smile from someone ( and there are plenty of that going around ) to change the way you see things in life. The best part of the whole thing is there are so many places in Bisman that offer this up. You just have to get out and be a part of your community. Christmas is once a year, don't let it bring you down, realize that there are many that care about others, the only effort on your part is to be among them.

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