High Speed Internet.com released every states guilty pleasure. You will not believe what North Dakota's guilty pleasure is!


Before I share what our guilty pleasure is, let's first look how High Speed Internet.com came up with their findings. The team at High Speed Internet looked at the indulgent topic each state searched for on line and with the help of Google Trends Data, they came up with this list. In simple terms, it's the topic most searched for in every state to come up with our guilty pleasure.

Now, let's first creep on other states.

Texas, Louisiana and Illinois main search was for XXX videos! But wait, this gets better!

Georgia and Nevada's main search was for sugar daddy sites, and not to be out done, the states of Missouri, Tennessee and Nevada are searching for sugar mama sites!

We're a bit more tamed in North Dakota, and we share the same interests with Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We're searching for cat video sites!! Yes, as in the flea line, meow type of cats!

What the hell is going on in Mississippi? They're searching for 'whip nae-nae'? I reached out to Cossett Jarrett with High Speed Internet.com and asked her, "what is whip nae-nae"

We identified an interesting correlation for that one. They have the least access to high speed internet in the nation which could be the reason why they're just now starting to watch the viral dance video from 2015.

Be glad you live here in North Dakota and not in Mississippi!

You can see the entire list and story here.


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