I love a good cleaning hack. I spend hours watching videos on how to make new uses of things, and finding different areas of my house that I never knew I needed to clean. I'd like to call this a hobby, but it's more of an obsession at this point. With my hours and hours of research, I thought I'd share some of my most recent *favorite* cleaning hacks with my fellow North Dakotans. Here you go:

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner For Your Tub - This is something that has been made popular by "CleanTok" (Tiktok). Cover your tub in toilet bowl cleaner and watch the magic happen. I'm honestly shocked at all the different uses we're finding for toilet bowl cleaner. I've seen people use it to clean grout lines between flooring tiles too. I'm impressed.

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      2. Aluminum Foil For Grease Cleanup - My life legitimately changed after seeing this done. Instead of using a grease trap, which is not fun to have to keep around, lay some aluminum foil down in your sink. Push in the middle of the foil to make a sort of bowl shape. After that, it's as simple as dumping your grease into the sink. You don't have to try to pour it into a little bowl, you don't have to dump it directly into your trash, and you definitely don't have to pour it down your drain. Pour it in the foil, then ball it up and toss. #LifeChanger

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3. Fabuloso For The Sink - Pour some floor cleaner in your sink, not only to get rid of bad odors coning from your garbage disposal, but to give it a good sparkle and shine. I just discovered this one. I also saw people putting entire bottles of Fabuloso in the back of their toilets. I'm here for it. If my whole house could just always smell like Fabuloso, that would be great.

@momthatlovestoclean 🏃‍♀️ to the kitchen & try this. It WORKS. I’m shook #cleantok#cleaninghacks#cleaningtips#easyhack#fabuloso#easydiy#cleaningtiktok#cleaning♬ Bezos I - Bo Burnham


4. Mopping With A Twist - All you have to do is add a little fabric softener and rubbing alcohol to the water for an extra sterile floor. Plus, it amps up the fresh smell. Don't forget, you're still using your floor cleaner in the mixture. Side note: I'm not sure I would be brave enough to try this on wood floors, but other than that, heck yeah!

@sheiskd_ The handle is my personal page @therealkdd_ #moppinghack#fyp#foryou#hack#cleantok#cleaningtok#cleaninghack♬ Nobody - Mitski


5. Carpet Brushing - This one isn't so much of a hack, as it is me just being utterly astonished. I never knew this was a thing. Excuse me while I make a fur coat from the cat hair I've raked up. 


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6. Dish Wand For The Shower - There is nothing more back-breaking than scrubbing your tub every so often. Make it easier on yourself by filling up a dish wand with dish soap, and while you wash yourself, give the tub a good scrub too. Genius. 

@realsimple Use a dish wand to clean the walls while you shower #fyp#cleanshower#clean#cleantok#cleaning#cleaningtiktok#dishwand#dishsoap♬ I JUST FELL - Ian Bennett
These are just a few of my faves. Hope this helps you in your day to day life and even saves you some time. Feel free to share some of yours with me too. 
Ta-ta for now!


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