Ok, let's take a quick breather, and while you are calm, I'll explain my title in more in-depth

First of all, this was not a recent escape from the Fargo Zoo, no heads were looking into the skies around Moorhead, and nobody is in danger of being stepped on by an extra tall animal. The serious news is that there IS a giraffe missing, and its home was a nice comfy toy store. This stuffed animal had no name and was quite friendly to all that passed by the front door, where this large figure stood guard inside the West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo.

Were there any cameras around to capture the heist?

Security cameras are everywhere in shopping malls, and this one was poised and ready when the thieves came walking in. According to valleynewslive.com  " Legacy Toys says three people were caught on video taking the large stuffed animal, which greets guests at the door of the toy store in West Acres Shopping Center" - So was this all that the shady characters swiped? It was not, one of the three evil suspects was seen dragging an innocent white unicorn by the tail as they all made a hurried getaway.

Just a small petty theft, no big deal?

Not at all. " Fargo Police say the giraffe is valued at $1,200, which would classify this theft a felony as any item valued over $1,000 is a felony-level crime" valleynewslive.com reported. So far no word on any arrests. Now try and think like a criminal for a second, if you had done this crime, wouldn't you go to great lengths to hide this giraffe? There have been reports of this fluffy figure showing up in certain places around Fargo, why? Who knows? Fargo Police would like to know, that's for sure, contact them for any information you may come across.


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