How many times have you been stuck with large bills in your wallet?

Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing, it's just when you are out and about, and it's time to pay for something at a store, and you hand over that $100 bill. The clerk usually takes it and holds it up in the light, turning it around several times. What are they looking for? Well, a Fargo man found out in the most awkward way possible, and it could have turned out to be a disaster for him.

Apparently, there are certain things you can spot on a counterfeit bill

So imagine yourself inside a store, being handed money that's fake. According to "A Fargo man is speaking out after he was given a fake $100 bill at a Family Fare’s Western Union. “She counted it out for me. She gave me a 100 dollar bill,” says Royal Rockefeller. So basically one clerk INSIDE the store handed him a phony bill and he proceeded to turn around and use it on some items at another register. The cashier took the bill and held it up to the light ( we have all experienced that before ), she told him it was not real, his reply was that he was given the bill from someone inside the building.

Police were called in and the store's surveillance video was looked at

Quite a few anxious moments that Royal went through as police went in the back to look at the store's tape. The whole incident was clear to see, and his innocence was documented. Royal received a real $100 dollar bill from the store. Perhaps the one thing we can all learn from is this: reported that Detective Cody Gease from the Fargo Police had this bit of advice for the next time you are handed a large bill “Examine. Before you leave the store, make sure you’re still under the camera while looking at it. If something is wrong with it, take it back to the cashier. Be like ‘Hey look this isn’t right what you gave me,’” Also make sure you're not having a bad hair day while you are at it!

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