Take a look at this picture - this is an example we have all come across before here in Bismarck

So you're driving along Bismarck on an average morning, the weather of course is COLD, and the streets aren't too terrible when you see a traffic light turn yellow. Do you A) try and speed up so you can "Beat the light" - B) slow down and come to a stop BEFORE the intersection- OR C) you find yourself impatient enough NOT to follow the rules of traffic?

Many people go with "C", and it is flat-out rude, dangerous, and selfish

Let me set up an example, a scenario that took place just the other day. My friend Nicole was out and about when she was trying to turn left on Denver and South Washington, and obviously judging by the photo she was one of the few that actually abide by the rules of the road. Sitting in her car, stuck because so many drivers were not paying attention, or just didn't care, and when that happens other people have to experience their lack of respect. As how Nicole put it, "I was trying to turn left on Denver. Already had to sit thru one cycle because of this, that photo was snapped during the cycle"

So let me ask you this, "Are you one of those impatient BisMan drivers?"

Are you aware that you are NOT going to make the light, but you still follow other drivers who are heading into the intersection knowing full well that you'll be blocking people coming from the other direction? In my opinion that is extremely inconsiderate of others that are probably just as in a hurry to get somewhere as you are, and I know we can all do better than that.

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