I wasn't paying close enough attention last week ( which happens a lot )...

...doesn't it seem like out of nowhere, ALL OF A SUDDEN there are orange cones everywhere?. This to me and many others is the true sign that summer is a stone's throw away - I heard a very annoyed person at the store last night, talking on his cell phone, venting his anger. I have no doubt he took the same path to Dan's Supermarket as I did.

From now until who knows when - do what you can to avoid this area of BisMan

Unless you like sitting in your car, feeling your blood boil with frustration - AVOID the intersection of the Expressway and South Washington Street. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HOPING TO TURN LEFT AND HEAD TOWARD DANS. For one thing, most frequent travelers are aware that signal is pure hell anyway - you are lucky after the light turns green to get 3 cars through before the quick yellow and red come on. NOW that there are cones everywhere in this area -  if you find yourself stuck in that lane you might as well start notifying your family you won't be home for like 5 days.

Look I get it, I really do...

...and most of us understand as well, that it's basically impossible to start and finish any kind of road construction during the winter. But still, when the days finally get longer and the temperatures climb, it's a fact that "The Cone Zones" will start springing up everywhere - the key is to be prepared, and know where the EXTRA HEAVY traffic back-ups will be.....OR buy yourself a helicopter, and fly to your destination.

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