Trying to set an example can be taken many different ways, especially when you are in charge of a high school

This story hits home with me for the fact that my dad was a principal for over 30 years. As a kid, I walked the school grounds on where he worked ( I attended another school across town ) and watched other kids race up to him and say "Hi", I remember feeling like a big-shot hanging out with him, watching the respect in the children's eyes. A principal has an enormous responsibility on how they act and what they say, they are looked up to and respected. This was of course years ago, but not much has changed when it comes to how a principal is viewed. One lack of judgment can be a huge mistake.

An attempt as an example of what NOT to say has a Mandan High School principal under fire

According to "Mandan High School is responding to complaints from students about the principal’s use of offensive terms during an assembly earlier this week" Mark Andresen, the principal, has been at Mandan High School for 27 years. The complaint from a student ( who didn't want his name mentioned ) said that Andresen used a racial slur at an assembly that was focused on improving culture and respect among others. The report from added that "The student says Andresen used the word as an example of what not to say to others"

The principal has never had any complaints in his time at the school

The student said that this isn't the first time that something unsettling like this happened, district officials are taking a look at this matter to see if there needs to be appropriate disciplinary action. Twenty-seven years of service without a complaint is a long time, if the principal did offend one person, you would think more would follow suit.


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