It's more imperative now that we all rally around and do something

This is the news that I have always dreaded hearing, the kind that tears your heart out and it's impossible to think about anything else. Brace yourself when you read this and take a second to see what you can possibly do. Here is what Rebecca Ferderer posted on Bis/ Man Online Garage Sale- Bismarck/ Mandan area today:

"ND people: the bismarck pound has announced they are full. On Monday they will be forced to start euthanizing dogs. if You have any space and any time, please consider fostering or adopting, even putting a roof over their head until they find their family. Furry friends will even cover costs if you foster. If you can spare some love until they are adopted, please, please, please reach out. These dogs are on their last chance"

To me, there is nothing sadder than reading those words because the reality is that poor dogs that are just looking for love will lose their life.

Rebecca put out that plea earlier today ( Friday, July 29th )

Her direct words made quite an impact on BisMan, check out what was just posted a half hour again from Bismarck Animal Control

"We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to everyone who stepped up to help create some space up at the impound. We've now got two double-stall kennels open again, and all of our single-cell kennels as well. We are no longer having to consider how to create more space.

If you're interested in helping us out with fostering please reach out to Furry Friends' Rockin' Rescue. When they've got fosters able to help them, it helps us out quite a bit.
Thank you all again"
Talk about a rollercoaster emotional ride, I'm so happy that people really care enough to do whatever they can to divert disaster. This is the perfect example of teamwork, opening up their hearts and rescuing the lives of dogs in peril.

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