I saw this news item last night and my first thought was that I hope people won't go nuts and start spreading rumors

Then I saw a few local posts on social media that they had "Heard" or "Read" that Bismarck's Party City was closing its doors, all because of this National News story: This came from foxsanantonio.com - according to this article:

"Executives at Party City are not having much fun right now. The nation's largest party goods and Halloween specialty retail chain filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday. The company said in a regulatory filing that it reached an agreement with debtholders to cut its $1.7 billion debt load. It comes after years of losses and weak sales, as online retailers and big-box chains have been cutting into party city's market share"

Here is the thing, I'm not a lawyer or an expert in the business world, but a simple call to OUR Bismarck Party City store over at 807 S 7th St I was pretty honest with the employee that answered the phone. I told him what I had read, and how some people I know were already pushing the panic button and just assuming that they were going to close soon. With calm in his voice, he told me it was just their way of the business "Reconstructing" and that they WERE not closing at all. I do understand how others can expect the worse these days, with so many places, having had to shut down for good. I will say this though to the ones that started spreading "Doom and Gloom" before any factual reports came out - next time you scan through an article like the one from foxsanantonio.com,  READ IT TO THE VERY END.....and this was the end of their article right here "   "Party City says it will be able to keep its stores up and running" 

Just saying...


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